Our Story - Old

Our story begins when co-founder Rob wanted a hitch cover to light up an American flag. After searching popular stores, both online and brick and mortar, he couldn't find what he was looking for.

During this time, Rob was taking one of his engineering classes entitled 'Project X' at Rowan University. 'Project X' dealt with not only creating a product, but making a product into a business. With the help of this class and the need of having an American Flag light up on his hitch, he co-found 1st Amendment Hitch Covers.

The purpose of 1st Amendment Hitch Covers is to give your hitch cover the same freedom you have. We do this by giving you the customer the ability to change in and out "flags". These flags can be anything from the American Flag, your favorite slogan, your company logo or anything else you may want. 1st Amendment Hitch Covers gives your hitch the Freedom of Speech it deserves.