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Our Story


From a young age, Rob has always been driven by both his creativity and desire to give back. So when he wanted what he thought was a simple product, a light-up American flag for his hitch on his truck, he was shocked he could not find one. Being a mechanical engineering student at the time, Rob could easily recognize properly constructed products and was disappointed in the inventory to choose from.

In response, for his senior project, Rob decided to just create the exact product he wanted. His product gained interest, especially from a coworker, Tony. Tony and Rob decided they wanted to make Rob’s product available for sale, and First Amendment Hitch Covers was born.

Tony, being an Army Airborne Ranger veteran, and Rob having a passion for supporting the troops, decided to use their platform to give back. Since the beginning, First Amendment Hitch Covers has gotten other veterans involved in designing various hitch covers for the inventory as a form of expression. They are also heavily involved as vendors and contributors in various charities such as Operation Reconnect, Operation First Response and Veteran’s Golf Association. Tony and Rob through First Amendment Hitch Covers hope to continue supporting our nation’s military while providing quality, everyday products.