Master Gunner Badge, Field Artillery

Master Gunner Badge, Field Artillery

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Birch Plywood

The Master Gunner Identification Badge, which was first approved by the Army’s acting assistant secretary for manpower and reserve affairs in January 2018, will now be awarded to graduates of the seven schools, and is retroactive to October 1975.

The badge represents a “high level of technical competence and a detailed understanding of a projectile producing system that [aids] a command in planning, resourcing, training and executing a gunnery program designed to enhance the combat effectiveness and lethality of a maneuver force.

The new MGIB recognizes the Field Artillery’s history

-A laurel wreath will represent victory of the maneuver force, a symbol of victory since ancient Greek mythology featured the god Apollo wearing a laurel wreath around his head.

-Inside the wreath, a sabre will highlight the Armor Branch, a symbol since 1851 adopted after the American Civil War when the mounted cavalry had great success on the battlefield swinging the curved, 36-inch-long, single-edged blade.

-The 1795 model Springfield musket will honor the Infantry Branch, a symbol of the first official model of musket originally built at the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts.

-The crossed 19th-century-style cannon will continue to symbolize the Field Artillery Branch just as it has since 1834, when individual field artilleryman wore the insignia on their cap.

-The missile in the center will represent the Air Defense Artillery Branch, just as it has for 50 years when they adopted the Field Artillery cross-cannons and added a missile, evolving from the Coast Artillery Corps whose insignia featured cross-cannons with a projectile in the center.

The MGIB is digitally drawn and engraved on .25” and 1/8” birch plywood. It’s hand painted and assembled. The badge is a metallic silver with a black background.

This is the perfect gift to compliment any Master Gunners’ office space, whether active duty or retired. It’s great for retirement, going-away or just simply saying thank you for all that you do.

Mounting hardware not included. We recommend using 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips.