MC-4 Parachute

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The MC-4 is the standard military free fall parachute system of the US Army Special Forces, and has demonstrated its superior reliability during military operations around the world. The MC-4 is designed to meet the full range of military free fall parachute operations, including HALO (high altitude, low opening) and HAHO (high altitude, high opening) conducted by the most sophisticated of military parachute organizations. The MC-4 system is built around a 370-sq. ft. rectangular gliding canopy design used for both the main and reserve canopies. The MC-4 is completely compatible with the proven Cypres AAD or Irvin FF-2 automatic ripcord release, as well as other automatic ripcord releases qualified for use by the US Army, for assured activation of the main parachute.

All prints are digitally drawn and engraved on colored aluminum. Each print comes with a chrome frame that perfectly complements the piece.